Partaking in some form of community service not only helps you contribute positively to society, it also strengthens your self-confidence and increases your sense of self-worth. Your acts of service can be the motivation you need to keep going when you encounter hard times on your recovery journey. Staying out of risky situations means taking deliberate steps to avoid people and situations that can trigger cravings.

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The idea is to find balance in your life by engaging in productive activities in a non-compulsive manner. It’s not for everyone, but if religion gives you peace of mind, then Sober House don’t let it slip from you life. Everyday, write down 5 things you’re grateful for that day. It can be anything, from your loving family, to the air you’re breathing.

  • Police quickly assured the public that there were no signs of foul play while simultaneously assuring the public that no official cause of death would be announced for quite some time.
  • This gives you a quick and easy explanation for why you aren’t drinking.
  • You can say something like “No thank you, I’m good.” or “I’m not drinking tonight.” If someone continues to push, remain firm in your decision and calmly and politely decline again.
  • Our expert team will ensure you are safe and comfortable as we guide you through medically supervised detox and manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Abstinence entails consciously refraining from substance use.

Find Sober Activities

The significance of knowing when and how to leave a situation recovery teaches us to understand our limits and boundaries. There may be times in social situations where, despite best intentions and preparations, the environment becomes too challenging. Having an exit strategy in place isn’t a sign of weakness; rather, it signifies a strong commitment to your well-being and recovery. Understanding these triggers doesn’t mean you have to avoid social situations entirely, but rather it provides a roadmap.

staying free staying clean sober

What Is Sobriety?

One of my tips for staying sober is staying off of social media for an extended period of initial recovery time. Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth with deleting my social accounts completely. I wish that my loved ones went to family therapy. But unfortunately, they did not and continued with enabling behaviors. Furthermore, they didn’t recognize warning signs of substance use. Or how part of addiction treatment is treating the entire family.

staying free staying clean sober

  • Russell was 22 months clean, and after his funeral, she went right back to using.
  • Ultimately, it’s important to remember that relapses happen to almost everyone.
  • Moreover, the recovery community places immense value on clean time.
  • Understanding Recovery as a Dynamic Process Recovery isn’t a static destination; it’s an evolving journey.
  • If you love writing, I’d consider throwing yourself into blogging.
  • If the question comes from someone you know well, you may want to say that drugs or alcohol became a problem for you, so you’re staying away from them.

Build a Healthy Support Network

The Importance of Clean Time Milestones

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