Asian marriage ceremony practices are incredibly assorted. Each Read the full picture culture has their own completely unique wedding persuits ranging from the adornment of the bride to the marriage ceremony itself. This post explores many of our most-loved age-old Oriental wedding traditions.

The Oriental tea wedding ceremony is a vital event where the couple formally presents themselves for their parents and ancestors. During the ceremony the couple kneels on tea cushions and functions their parents each a cup of tea (usually black monster or double pleasure fruit tea). They bend at each set of parents as they receive the reward. This is a moment in time where the bride and groom express the respect and gratitude for their families designed for their particular love and support. These sheets a reddish envelope with money to each of their father and mother.

This kind of tradition is normally followed by the groom leading a procession to the bride’s house with firecrackers, gongs and drums to ward off bad spirits and lanterns, banners and a flow lion. Once at the bride’s house, the groom and his party will be met by a group of her friends who would hold him hostage till they were satisfied with enough purple envelopes (hong bao) of cash!

Even though many of the classic Asian wedding practices have been modernized, the betrothal and dowry gifts nonetheless remain. They are typically presented by the groom’s family to show thanks for the girls’ parents and their efforts in raising these people. Red and gold are commonly applied at Chinese weddings as they symbolize love, prosperity, fortune and male fertility. Rice tennis balls are also ingested at the marriage to represent longevity and good fortune.

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