Many companies prefer having this certificate when hiring a dot net developer. It is from Microsoft that validates your knowledge of designing and developing web solutions. MSCD certification will help dot net developers be on top of the list while they hire .net developers. Being a .NET developer, you can build apps for web, mobile,  desktop, or any device. Dot net developer needs to have a working knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Bootstrap, and so on. Having knowledge of different frontend frameworks is beneficial for you to quickly adapt to the different requirements and technologies.

.net razor developer skills

The average junior .Net Web Developer salary in the United State is $66,933 and the salary range for the same falls between $59, 868 and $76, 394. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for .NET Developer is £53,947 per year in the London, United Kingdom area. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a .NET Developer is $88,947 in the United States.

What Is A .Net Developer?

To do this, there will be a demand for developers who know both .NET and .NET Core. You are about to start a recruitment campaign to hire a .NET developer or a .NET Core developer. But once you receive your applications and resumes, you have to decide who is good enough to get to an on-site technical interview. The above-mentioned skills are not job-specific and apply to all software professionals. There are many other programming languages out there like Python, Java, C++ and so many more. And .Net being a multilingual platform allows you to be proficient in the language you like to choose.

The more .NET developers know about this field, the better performing and optimized of web pages will be developed. Rob Reagan is the CTO of, a managed online business texting platform. Rob has worked in software development for more than two decades with companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Weatherford, Microsoft, Standard & Poor’s and Fidelity. Be sure to check out his book on developing web applications with Microsoft Azure. A good .NET developer will be skilled at swiftly responding to the changes and modifications of an application, saving time and money. They should be able to restructure code to improve its quality, without actually altering the external behavior of the site.

.Net Developer – Job Description, Salary, Skills, and Resume

Unit tests focus on isolated pieces of your code, integration tests ensure different parts play well together, and end-to-end tests validate the entire user journey within your application. Together, they form a safety net, catching bugs early, simplifying debugging, and making your codebase robust and maintainable. Real-time communication technologies, like SignalR in the .NET ecosystem, enable these functionalities by maintaining a constant connection between server and client. They are used in interactive experiences, whether live chat, notifications, or real-time updates. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.

  • ASP.NET MVC is spreading over the web market replacing many others competing with it.
  • Also, when you want to develop an application using ASP.NET which needs to be secure and scalable then you need the help of professionals in developing that.
  • Web Development is the surging demand of every business in every industry.
  • They are skilled programmers who develop end-to-end software products that include design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • So, having experience in the basic working of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript could help the dot net developer to be more aligned with user demands while creating applications.
  • Dot net developer is responsible for creating software solutions in line with business needs.
  • So the question arises, how can you screen the .NET programming skills of your .NET developer candidates so that you interview the good candidates and filter out the bad ones?

If you’re not a technical person, then it’s easy to get confused by all the different technology names and abbreviations. If the candidate says that they know C#, does it mean that they are familiar with Visual Basic .NET? Or if the applicant knows ASP.NET MVC 1, does it mean they can also use ASP.NET MVC 3? For now, the two are being developed in parallel and it doesn’t seem that .NET Core will replace .NET anytime soon.

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