Write with well-spaced letters that are tall and wide enough to cover the whole face of the check without obscuring the banking information at the bottom. You want to make it difficult for thieves to erase or cover your void mark. You can also use a voided check to set up automatic electronic payments, including ongoing expenses such as rent and bills. While many quickbooks desktop is ending. here’s what you need to know. people have switched to using debit cards instead of paper checks, there are times when you may still need a check. There are also instances when a company requests a voided check, or when you wish to have a check voided for your own purposes. An illustration of this happens when a company needs to make an electronic charge to someone who purchased a service.

  • The reason why a blank check is requested is that it contains all of the necessary information for the employer’s accounting department to schedule all future direct deposit payments.
  • Whether your check is void and you don’t understand why or you’d like to void a check yourself, we can help.
  • Ask for a letter, printed on bank letterhead, which lists your account number, routing number, and account type (checking or savings).
  • This is cost-effective, and timely, and helps to reduce the possibility of human error due to manually scheduling all employee payments.
  • Find any lingering questions about how to void a check below.

By clicking Continue, you will be entering a third-party website. First Republic is not responsible for the content, links, privacy policy or security policy of this website. If you choose not to use a voided physical check, you will want to check in with the other party to see what alternatives they accept. However, fees for canceling a check payment may still apply. However, you don’t want to take any kind of chances when it comes to your banking information.

A Letter From Your Bank Or Credit Union

A voided check is a check with the word “void” written across the front, which indicates that it shouldn’t be accepted for payment. The check can still be used to get the information needed for electronic payments. You can also use a voided check to set up automatic payments to come out of your checking account automatically. Certainly, voided checks are not very common in the current electronic era. Account holders increasingly use on-line platforms to make payments and tend to fill their banking information directly on web sites. A voided check is a paper check with the word “void” written in large, bold letters across its face.

In other words, make it obvious that the check is voided without question. This is important whether you must void a written check because you made a mistake or need to supply a blank check to an employer or service provider. All you need to do is get a black or blue pen and write VOID in large letters across the front of a check. In some instances, your employer may want a physical check that’s been voided.

Once the word VOID has been printed across the check, it simply can’t be used. Now that you know what a void check is, why would someone want to void a check? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

How Do I Void a Blank Check?

Get started with a step-by-step guide, and take control of your money. This publication is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely.

In addition, a voided check takes away the hassle of sending in payments or setting up an online payment each month because it automatically comes out on the specified date. For that reason, voided checks should never be provided lightly. They should be given only to individuals who are both trusted and necessary in your life. If any person or organization requests a voided check, be prepared to question them about the exact purpose.

Why Do Companies Need a Voided Check?

Banking services and debit card provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. Since there aren’t any names or amounts written on it, anyone could slip information in there and try to pass it off. Write ‘VOID’ large enough, making sure that you cover all important areas, including the ‘to,’ ‘amount box,’ ‘amount line,’ and ‘signature’ area. All you need to do is write VOID across the check, and no one is going to be able to make a deposit.

Using paper checks can be risky, because of the sensitive banking information they contain, which could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Once you’ve voided a check, try to ensure it’s either disposed of or kept safely with other sensitive files. You may want to dispose of a voided check, in lieu of holding onto it, for several reasons. At the very core, however, a voided check is always asked for in an effort to utilize the electronic banking information that the checks include printed directly on them.

It also prevents a thief from taking the check, filling out an amount, and forging your signature to debit funds from your bank account. It may or may not have other information filled in throughout the check. The text should be clearly seen, but it doesn’t cover up any other writing beneath it.

Here’s a voided check example

Instead, once a check has the word VOID written across its face, it is no longer eligible for deposit or cashing. In fact, any check that has the word void on it anywhere is highly unlikely to be cashed or deposited by any financial institution anywhere in the world. This is because banks and depositing institutions understand that “VOID” is the universal language that a check is no longer valid. Employers might ask for a voided check to set up direct deposit. They can then enter your account information and confirm that your paycheck is going into the correct account. For example, if you just wrote check #125, the next one in line, check #126 would be your voided check to send to whoever needs the information to set you up on direct deposit or direct debit.

If you need a voided check to set up direct deposit with your employer, you have a couple of choices. You can take a check from your checkbook and write “void” across it in large letters and provide the check to your employer. They may have starter checks, aka checks printed at the bank with no pre-printed contact info. Or a teller might be able to print out a copy of a voided check with your account details. If you need a voided check and you don’t have a checkbook, your best bet is to ask the recipient about submitting your account details online as an alternative. If you don’t have a voided check to supply to a third party, you do have other options to get one.

Are There Alternatives To Voided Checks?

This will ensure it reaches the intended place without passing through third-party hands. If in person is not possible, a fax delivery is preferred to email. After all, an email can be forwarded, exposing your check information to unintended parties. Voiding a check may seem as simple as just writing “void” across the front. However, there are a few details you’ll need to keep in mind. By asking you for a check, your employer reduces the potential for errors.

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